FRP pipe is a kind of non-metal pipe with light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is a glass fiber with a resin base weight that is wound layer by layer on a rotating core mold according to process requirements, and quartz sand is evenly spread between the fibers as a sand layer at a long distance. The tube wall structure is reasonable and advanced, which can give full play to the role of the material. Under the premise of meeting the strength of use, it improves the rigidity and ensures the stability and reliability of the product. FRP sand pipe has excellent chemical resistance, light weight, high strength, non-scaling, strong shock resistance, long service life compared with ordinary steel pipe, low comprehensive cost, quick installation, safe and reliable, and is accepted by the majority of users.

Structural characteristics of FRP pipes:

1. Has excellent corrosion resistance

2. No cathodic anti-corrosion protection and other anti-corrosion measures will not cause secondary pollution to water and other media. The product has a long service life.

3. The weight of the pipe is only 1/4 of the ductile iron pipe of the same specification and length, and 1/10 of the cement pipe. It is convenient to transport and unload and easy to install.

4. Reduce pipeline joints, accelerate installation speed, and improve the quality of the entire pipeline.

5. Reduce flow resistance, increase flow rate, and reduce energy consumption. Using smaller diameter pipes to transport the same flow of fluid can increase the flow by about 10% compared with steel pipes of the same specification; it does not scale, and does not reduce the flow rate after long-term use. The protection of cables in interference and heavy corrosion environments has good effects.


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