Advantages of carbon fiber wind turbine blades:

1. Low density and high strength. The weight of carbon fiber is very light, but the strength is very high and can withstand the impact of strong wind.

2. Good fatigue resistance. The generator needs to operate for a long time, so the fatigue resistance of the material is relatively high. The performance of carbon fiber is very good, and it can work for a long time without deformation.

3. Smooth surface and good friction performance. Rough surfaces will not only affect the conversion of wind, but also increase friction and tear the blades.

4. It can adapt to the harsh external environment. Wind turbines are exposed to outdoor work for a long time, so they must endure direct sunlight or wind and rain for a long time. The chemical properties of carbon fiber are stable and it is not easily affected by the external environment.

5. Low noise. Too much noise will have a great impact on people living and working in that place, so this is also a factor to consider.


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