Marine composite materials, especially composite materials applied to the hull structure, are mainly polymer-based composite materials. According to the structure, they can be divided into two types: laminate and sandwich structure composite materials, including three important composites: reinforcement Material, resin and core material. Marine composite materials can be divided into main bearing structures, secondary bearing structures, non-bearing structures, etc. according to different bearing positions. According to functions, it can be divided into five series of materials: structure, damping, acoustics, stealth, and protection.

The superiority of the performance of marine composite materials is mainly reflected in: light weight and high strength, which can effectively improve the reserve buoyancy of the hull; the structure and function are integrated, and the performance can be designed under the condition of meeting the structural load, usually with acoustics, radar, vibration reduction, protection, Other properties such as low magnetism; corrosion resistance, which can meet the harsh marine environment requirements such as high salt, high humidity, and ultraviolet; aging resistance, which can meet the long life requirements of ships.

Composite materials have great advantages in marine applications. The future development direction of marine composite materials is to improve the design process, from non-bearing structures to primary/secondary load-bearing structures, and from local use to large-scale applications. The structural composite materials with load-bearing function are developing towards multi-functional composite materials with bulletproof, sound insulation, sound absorption, damping, radar stealth and other characteristics. Increase the research and development and application of composite materials to make them have low cost and high performance , Multi-function, optimized connection, long life, safety and reliability.


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