After nearly 40 years of development, composite materials for aircraft have evolved from the original non-load-bearing component to the application of secondary load-bearing and main load-bearing components, which can achieve a significant effect of reducing mass (20-30)%. At present, it has entered a mature application period, and there is no doubt about the improvement of the aircraft's technical and tactical level, reliability, durability and maintainability. Its design, manufacturing and use experience has become richer. So far, the composite materials used in fighter jets account for about 30% of the total materials used, and the new generation fighter jets will reach 40%; the amount of composite materials used in helicopters and small aircraft will reach (70-80)%, and even full-composite aircraft will appear. 70% of the fuselage of the Comanche helicopter is made of composite materials, but it is still planned to reduce the weight of the aircraft by another 15% by reducing the mass of the lower front part of the fuselage and expanding the composite materials into the accessories and bearings. . In order to reduce the quality of the "Apache", composite materials will be used instead of the metal body.


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