Application of carbon fiber in interior and exterior decoration:

Carbon fiber composite materials have good strength, toughness, heat resistance and aging resistance, and can improve the shortcomings of high brittleness and poor durability of traditional plastic products, and are used as automotive interior materials. Carbon fiber composite material also has higher strength and rigidity, better impact resistance, and can be used as a substitute for metal materials in automotive exterior parts. At the same time, the carbon fiber composite material has a good vibration absorption effect, has a greater cushioning effect on impact, and reduces the generation of impact debris, which improves safety. In addition, the use of carbon fiber interior and exterior materials not only achieves the lightweight effect of the car, but also simplifies the parts manufacturing process, reduces parts processing, assembly, and maintenance costs, and reduces production costs.

Application of carbon fiber in brake system:

Automobile brake linings mainly use asbestos materials, which are easy to friction and generate high temperature during braking, and thermal degradation of performance occurs, and the asbestos dust produced is carcinogenic. Carbon fiber composite material has high specific strength, good wear resistance and good heat resistance. It can be used in automobile brake pads as a substitute for asbestos. The carbon fiber brake disc can reduce the vehicle speed from 300KM/h to 50Km/h within 50m. Carbon fiber brake discs can withstand high temperatures of 2500°C with stable performance.

Application of carbon fiber in drive shaft:

The force of the automobile drive shaft is more complicated, especially to withstand a large torque, which requires high material performance. Carbon fiber reinforced composite material has the characteristics of anisotropy, high specific strength and relatively low specific modulus. It can better meet the needs of use instead of metal materials as a drive shaft. Carbon fiber drive shafts can not only reduce weight by 60%, but also have better fatigue resistance and durability.


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