The specific modulus and specific modulus of carbon fiber composite materials are 3 to 5 times and 7 to 12 times that of steel, 3 times and 4 times that of Chinese fir. The outstanding specific modulus and specific strength enable it to be used to manufacture various products that are light, strong and rigid. In terms of civilian goods, it is especially suitable for the manufacture of various sports goods. At this stage, many professional sports equipment choose to use carbon fiber. Composite materials.

People want the lighter the quality of sports equipment such as poles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycles, snowboards, kayaks, etc., to be exercised by manpower; even if they are exercised by power other than manpower The equipment, such as racing cars, sailing boats, motor boats, etc., is also light in weight under the same conditions.

Carbon fiber composite materials have incomparable advantages in this respect. Its density is 1.76~1.80g/cm3, and the density of composite materials is 1.50~1.60g/cm3, while steel is about 7.87g/cm3 and aluminum is 2.7g/cm3. , Titanium 4.5g/cm3. Obviously carbon fiber composite materials are much lighter than metal materials.

In carbon fiber composite materials, due to the effect of the matrix, the strain of each fiber is basically the same when pulled along the fiber direction. As a result of the stress transmitted by the matrix, most of the fibers that have been broken are still functioning except that the fracture does not play a role. The breakage of individual fibers will not cause chain reaction and catastrophic rapid damage, so the damage safety performance is very good.


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