New glass fiber composite material wears "armor" for track equipment

2020-07-30 17:15:16 20

The reporter recently learned that the "Development and Application of High-strength Flame-retardant Glass Fiber Composite Materials and Products for Rail Transit" jointly completed by Southwest Jiaotong University, Guizhou Institute of Materials Industry Technology and related application companies passed the achievement appraisal in Chengdu, Sichuan. By "wearing" high-strength flame-retardant glass fiber new material "armor" for rail power and emergency facilities, its comprehensive performance indicators such as strength, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, insulation, heat conduction, and water resistance all meet higher requirements.

"The rail facilities are exposed to the open air all year round in the sun and rain or in the dark and humid environment of the tunnel. The comprehensive performance index requirements are relatively high." said Tian Debin, a member of the R&D team and a senior engineer of China Railway Eighth Bureau Group. Currently, composite materials that can be used for rail transit product development There are mainly two types of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials and glass fiber composite materials. However, the former has a higher manufacturing cost and is mostly used in the research and development of rolling stock products. In contrast, the use of glass fiber composite materials for series product research and development has better promotion and application value.

"Especially in the field of track cable troughs, an imminent problem is that the cable troughs installed on the railway bridge have been damaged in a large area, which brings safety hazards to the normal operation of the line." R&D team member, General Manager of China Railway Eighth Bureau Electric Affairs Company Engineer Hu Jidong said that the railway communication signal non-combustible magnesite composite cable troughs installed on site in the past are mainly made of magnesite powder, magnesium chloride, and glass fiber cloth through hand lay-up. The material is not only low in strength, but also somewhat brittle. , May cause large-area damage to the cable trough and poor durability.

A new result jointly completed by a number of industry, academia and research units, through the surface composite modification of ultra-fine inorganic flame-retardant particles, successfully solved the problem of uniform dispersion of inorganic particles in the polymer matrix, and realized ultra-fine particle flame-retardant polymer composite materials High performance, thus developed a glass fiber composite material with high strength and flame retardant properties. Relying on this high-performance material, the R&D team has developed a new type of glass fiber composite material self-locking cable trough, sheet film plastic cable trough with its own mounting hole structure, integral turning cable trough and track bed sheet film plastic independent A series of products such as emergency evacuation platforms are widely used in many rail transit lines in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, etc. Many of these products are used in rail transit for the first time. At present, the project has obtained 4 invention patents, 11 utility model patents, and 6 appearance patents.


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